Is Gold or Platinum or Silver the Best Jewelry Option?

At certain times you will always find yourself going to shop for jewelry. There are many appealing precious jewelries and you may be confused which one to choose. Many questions people often ask is which the best metal for jewelry is. Silver, gold and platinum are different in their own way. Platinum and gold have the same price per gram but gold, and silver prices per gram differ. With the pros, cons, benefits, and quality in addition to the cost of each metal, you will be able to choose your best jewelry option.


Gold has been the most popular metal for a long time. It indicates a higher social status. Many people consider it precious and use it in rings, necklaces bracelets and other jewelry. It is measured and priced according to the Karats in the gold. When pure gold is used to make jewelry, the jewelry will be very weak hence will break easily. It is delicate and you cannot wear the same jewelry on a regular basis. Therefore it is usually combined with other metals to make it harder. The higher the percentage of Karats in the combination, the more expensive the jewelry will be.

Gold, unlike silver and platinum, is available in different colors. That is, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. When buying gold jewelry, if you are not careful you may end up buying gold-plated or gold-filled jewelry. These are not gold jewelry. You may find them cheaper but they will easily break and wear off.


Silver has been used in making jewelry for a long time as gold. However, it is cheaper and hence it is favorable when you are saving or do not have a lot of money but still want to buy a precious jewelry. It is not as delicate as gold and can be used for everyday wear. Still, you should be careful when buying it since some jewelries are only silver-plated.

The problem with silver is that it may tarnish and turn black with time. This can be prevented by buying a silver cleaner from a jewelry shop and use it to clean the jewelry. See more.


This is the most expensive jewelry option. This is because it is very rare. It is white in color and can be used in it’s pure form, unlike gold whose pure form is very delicate. It is dense and costs almost double the price of gold. It is also durable. Unlike the other metals which can be plated, platinum will always have its white beauty and coating it is not necessary.

If you are thinking of buying jewelry and you are not worried about cost, platinum is the way to go especially for wedding rings.

Different people are appealed to by different jewelry quality and prices. Therefore from the above descriptions, you should be able to easily choose the option which is best for you. Platinum is expensive but the best. Gold and silver prices greatly differ. So whether broke or rich, you should be able to buy your jewelry comfortably.



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