How to Clean Gold Jewelry the Right Way

When cleaning necklaces at home, the easiest method with minimal amount of ingredients is definitely the safest considering the gold and silver prices. Nevertheless, there are extra specific methods for you to clean your diamond jewelry, depending on its characteristics. Since gold bracelets are so preferred, let’s review the best way to keep it glowing like new among visits towards your jeweler.

Properties of Gold Jewelry

Pure gold is definitely 24 karat silver check gold and silver prices. If your part is less than 24 karats, this means that it’s mixed with different metals – referred to as alloys – to increase its hardness and durability. This isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The more vigorous your way of life, the less pure gold you’ll want in your diamond jewelry. Gold is a soft metal and is susceptible to scratching, so mixing it with 10 or more parts alloy increase its longevity.

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How to Clean Gold Jewelry

A jewelry cleaning answer specifically designed for gold is really an effective and safe way to keep yellow metal in tip-top shape. Just make sure it indicates silver as a supposed use!

Without any commercial products, you can clean your precious metal jewelry at home following these easy steps:

  1. Mix some Dawn meal detergent in warm, not hot, drinking water.
  2. Add a very few declines of ammonia.
  3. Carefully clean with a new, baby-size tender toothbrush.
  4. Place in lukewarm water to rinse.
  5. Air dry out or cautiously towel-dry with newspaper towel or regular cloth.

Remember: gold is a soft metal. End up being gentle through the brushing and drying techniques buying gold bars.

Hazards in order to avoid When Cleaning Platinum Jewelry

Because of rare metal jewelry’s high potential for tarnish*, there are a couple specific substances to avoid:

Soap – Steer clear of any soap with unknown materials. Basic blue Dawn dish soap is okay, but removes your gold necklaces before showering to avoid accumulating a film from other entire body washes.

Chlorine – Chlorine, especially at high heat like in a hot tub, can permanently damage or discolor your rare metal jewelry. Be sure you take it off when cleaning with chlorine bleach, also!

*While pure gold will not tarnish, almost all gold jewelry can be an alloy, as stated above. Depending on the percentage of different metals mixed with the gold, there’s chance for tarnish. Better safe than sorry!

Gold Jeweler with Shaded Gemstones

Because of the characteristics of many cultured gemstones, we guide inquiring your jeweler concerning the safest at-home cleaning method for any bits with stones apart from pure diamonds. Numerous natural gemstones are usually treated or improved after removal, impacting the way you should clean your jewelry buying gold bars.

If you need a quick polish before you’ll have a chance to pay a visit to your jeweler, skip the ammonia and present your piece a quick dip inside the soap and drinking water mixture. This method is safe for almost all colored natural stone jewelry. Click here for more information:

Browsing Your Jeweler

While the technique described above is the better way to clean up your gold jeweler in the home, there’s no substitute for visiting your jeweler for a specialist cleaning.

Your jeweler will know the proper treatments depending on the specific type of gemstone and metal, as well as check your piece over for just about any damage. We always advise a semi-annual stop by at your neighborhood jeweler!

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