5 Simple Ways To Spot Fake Gold

Gold is widely used in the manufacture of jewelry such as rings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, earrings, or in the making of medals, coins, electronic circuits and many other applications. As we realize gold is a metal of ostentation, and the concern of many people is whether it is true. There are techniques to see if your piece is true, follow the article and find out if your piece is gold. Knowing more about buying gold bars is also good, after all you need to know whether or not it is true or not.

  1. Visual contact with the part. The first action to be taken is to observe the piece visually, looking at the particular signs engraved on the metal (10K, 14K, 18K, 22K and 24K or 1-999). This test is not entirely reliable, as false gold may appear identically. Do other tests.
  2. Test with magnet. Placing a magnet next to the metal, if it is attracted will be considered false because gold is not a magnetic material, but this test is not totally reliable. Non-magnetic materials are used to forge objects.
  3. Test with ceramic plate. You can take the test using a ceramic plate, rub your piece on the surface of the plate, if there is a black scratch, the gold will be false, if it appears golden scratches indicates that the gold is true.
  4. Using a cleaning cloth. Rub the gold with a cleaning cloth (flannel type), if the piece is false, the golden color will begin to disappear.
  5. Test with silver cleaner. Put the gold in a silver cleaning dilution, let it go a day if the gold is not totally pure it will oxidize. The real piece will not suffer any reaction. It is also important to understand silver for sale instead of buying gold. see more here 

Know if buying gold bars is safe

  • Test the canister with water. Place your piece inside a bowl of water, if it sinks it may be gold because the metal is considered heavy. If it does not sink, it may be bathed or gold plated, or even falsified.

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  • Workpiece strength test. Rub your jewelry in a rough place (a wall, for example), if it is gold it will not suffer any damage. Gold is very tough. Understanding the difference between gold and silver prices is important.
  • Comparing with other parts. Compare with another piece that you know is gold, note the features and particulars, or drop the piece you already know is gold, watch the sound and do the same with the other, comparing them. It is important that the other is the same size.Test with nitric acid. Drop a drop of acid on the piece, if a green color appears it may be a gold plated metal, or even fake, if it looks milky, the jewelry may be silver plated with gold. If the gold is true there will be no reaction at all.

Buying gold bars

  • Other methods for testing. These tests can help you know if your piece is true or false, however they are not fully guaranteed. If you still have any questions, please take your piece to an expert in the field and trust it.

There are now on the market electronic equipment that can analyze such metal by evaluating the quality, you may also need the carats. This is the best way to understand gold and silver prices.

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